It was summertime and I wanted to create something really icy and juicy so I decided to waste some time and to experiment a little with brands, bottles and labels.
Since kiwifruit and New Zealand are my favorite themes, I wanted to play with them, but in addition, I wanted to mix them with something and to get a crazy and unusual thing... Kiwifruit and potato... no. Kiwifruit and tomato... No, no, no... No vegetables. Kiwifruit and mushrooms... Perhaps it might be yummy, but far too crazy. Kiwi and herbs that's what I need. After that, I had to decide what herbs exactly I want to see there. So there were born five flavors: melissa, ginger, fennel, chamomile and lemongrass. And honestly, I never thoght of weeds when I was working on it :)
Modeling, rendering, lighting and stuff... The final result is a series of renders with various backgrounds and lights representing the product:
Individual products renders:
Product renders for the labels:
The whole series:
And a couple of clay renders:
Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching!

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